Chris Antenesse


Infrastructure Software Engineer with expertise in creating reliable, scalable, distributed solutions in environments where availability is key.



Senior Software Engineer, November 2018 to present

Created solutions to make Siri understand users better. Built a pipeline and validation tooling that enabled faster and safer delivery of new features and bug fixes.


Senior Software Engineer, August 2014 to November 2018

Created a DevOps organization from the start. Built solutions for continuous delivery, internal and customer tools, configuration management, monitoring, logging, and development environments.  Created the engineering process for assigning work and enforced an environment of continuous improvement through post mortems after all internal events.


Staff Engineer, September 2013 to August 2014

Replaced internal network file system that was unable to keep up with rapid growth.  Created a delivery pipeline that enforced quality and consistency.  Automated load testing execution.  Worked with executive management to help visualize workflow through the company to help identify contention.

Red5 Studios

Senior Software Engineer, March 2012 to August 2012

Created the infrastructure for the first MMORPG in AWS.  Created infrastructure solutions for PvP matchmaking, chat, instancing, item storage, and all other aspects of a massive online game.

Blizzard Entertainment

Senior Systems Engineer II, August 2006 to September 2013

Credited with ten Blizzard titles from World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade to Hearthstone.  Replaced infrastructure for item and mail storage that crippled gameplay.  Built solutions and supported infrastructure for games that had up to fifteen million players.



Keeping Secrets, A Practical Approach to Managing Secrets, May 2017

Provided patterns for keeping secrets safe in environments that value continuous delivery.


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AMEX Global Automation Day

Keynote Speaker, October 2015

Keynote speaker for the internal automation day conference.  Spoke about the transformation to DevOps in terms of tools and culture.


Formation 8 DevOps Night

Continuous Deployment Demo, September 2015

Demoed a continuous delivery pipeline and strategy for early stage startups.

StartX DevOps Workshop

The Three Ways of DevOps, April 2015

Spoke to early stage startups about a practical approach to automation, configuration management, and continuous delivery.